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ComputerWork: Jobs for Technical People

Advertiser FAQs

Below are some answers to questions that you may find useful. Click here to show or hide all of the answers.


What is ComputerWork?

ComputerWork is a website that publishes job vacancies listed by recruitment agencies and direct employers.

Job seekers have been able to quickly search through thousands of new jobs that appear on our site every day, and with experience that spans three decades we know exactly what it is that a recruiter is looking for in a job board.

What can ComputerWork do for me?

ComputerWork can offer a solution for every aspect of your online recruitment needs. Whether you're looking to post just one job or one thousand we have a suitable solution for you.

As a pioneer and innovator in our field we offer a wide range of products and services beyond job posting for both recruiters and job seekers to ensure that recruiters like you can find the right candidates for your positions, and that the right job seekers can find you.

You can view an outline of our services in our Product Portfolio. We'll also be delighted to listen to your business needs and provide a suitable solution over the phone, get in touch with us today.

How can I get in touch?

If you have any questions that are not answered below, or if you would like to give us some feedback you can find our details on the Contact page. We're open during normal office hours, Monday to Friday.

Your account

How can I reset or change my password?

If you have forgotten your password, or if you would like to change your existing password, you will need to request a password reset link. You will then receive an email that contains a link to a page where you can set a new password.

For your security it is not possible for us to provide you with your existing password.

I no longer have access to my email address, how can I reset my password?

If you have lost your password and no longer have access to the email address you used to register we may be able to help. Please get in touch with us so we can run through verification procedures.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your account. When signing in, you'll enter your password along with a 6 digit code which is sent to you by text message or accessed via your chosen authenticator app.

I have two-factor authentication set up, but I no longer have access to the mobile device or phone number I used.

If you no longer have access to your mobile device or phone number but do still have access to your email address, sign in with your email address and password as normal and click the 'Try another way to sign in' link below the authentication code form and choose the email option to access your account.

If you no longer have access to your email address please contact us.

My phone number is changing, or has changed, how do I update my account to receive codes to my new number?

If you have access to your account and your new phone number is activated you can use the 'Update' link on the My Details page to change the phone number your SMS codes are sent to.

If your old phone number is no longer active and you cannot sign in to your account please refer to the 'I no longer have access to my phone number' question above.

I keep getting 'incorrect code' error messages when entering my authentication code.

If you are commonly seeing an 'incorrect code' error when attempting to sign in using an authenticator app the time on your device may not be accurate.

Please check that your mobile device is set to the correct time and try again. Your authenticator app may provide a function to do this for you. In Google Authenticator this can be found in the Settings menu.

Can I use an authenticator app on multiple devices?

Yes. When setting up the authenticator app method you can scan the QR code on multiple devices.

Alternatively, some authenticator apps may offer features to sync your keys across all of your devices.

How can I add additional users to our account?

Every ComputerWork account can have multiple users. When a user signs in to ComputerWork they will see their own job postings and their own CV Search activity.

To add users to your account visit the User Management 'Add a User' page.

You will need to be an account administrator to add a user.

How do I activate a pending user?

When a user is added to an account they will receive a validation email that contains a link to verify that the email address is valid and activate the account.

If this email is not received please check your junk email folder. If the email has not entered the junk email folder you can request a new validation email by attempting to sign in with the pending email address and clicking the resend link.

If the email still fails to arrive, or if there is a mistake in the email address, please get in touch and we will look into the issue further.

Can I pay my invoices online?

You can manage and pay any outstanding invoices on your account online. The Invoices page, found in the Financial panel of your advertiser dashboard, also gives you the ability to see when an invoice is due - or those that are overdue, as well as re-sending any invoice that you need to reference.

How do I convert my quote into a payable invoice?

If you have created a quote online you can convert this quote into a payable invoice to purchase the product up to seven days after creating the quote.

The Quotes page, found in the Financial panel of your advertiser dashboard, will show you a list of your active quotes which can be viewed to show the full quote details. To convert a quote click on the quote and select 'Purchase product'.

How can I update my company details?

If your company details have changed, for example a change of address, please let us know your new details and we will update your records.

Posting jobs

What are the benefits to posting my job with ComputerWork?

Posting a job with ComputerWork is simple, quick and affordable, and thanks to our ever-growing job seeker base we deliver results too.

Our powerful job search features and patented candidate matching technology help to boost the amount of relevant applications you receive.

When you post your job with ComputerWork your job will be sent to all matching Jobs By Email subscriptions, meaning your job will get into the hands of relevant job seekers, fast.

What is the right job posting product for me?

ComputerWork offer a variety of ways to post your job.

For companies looking to post a one-off job our Quick Post product is most suited to your needs.

If you have larger job posting requirements you can purchase Lifetime Credits that do not expire and you can benefit from our steep bulk discounts.

Alternatively, Monthly Credits gives you control of your usage and budget with affordable monthly payments as well as the flexibility to download CVs from our CV Search for a fraction of a credit.

To find out more about your job posting options get in touch with one of our team today.

Can I promote my job to gain maximum exposure?

We offer various promotional tools to allow your job to get as much exposure as possible.

Our various feature options promote your job with a visible tile alongside job search results, our international feature option also allows you to reach a wider audience by displaying your job against matching keyword searches outside of the location of your job.

In addition you can also 'boost' your job by sending it to our network partners. Network Promotion sends your job to up to 5,000 job boards who make up our partner network. Any application made via one of our partners is routed through our systems so you can continue to manage all of your applications in the same place you're used to.

Our promotional options can also be purchased with job credits.

Can you post jobs on my behalf?

If you would like us to post a job on your behalf we offer this service at a cost of one job credit, or £75 if you have no credits available.

We will check your job posting for spelling as well as that it meets our job posting guidelines and give you a link to your job posting once it is live.

If you'd like to take advantage of this service get in touch with your account manager.

Can I add my company's branding to our job postings?

When signed in as an account administrator you can upload a company logo and banner that will appear alongside your job postings on the Job Branding page. If you'd also like to display a company summary or web and video links you can add these features by editing your advertiser listing.

How can I save my job for re-use later?

If you often post similar roles, or post jobs with the same details - for example a company summary or a disclaimer at the bottom of all of your postings - you can use the Job Template feature to save time when posting a job.

For further information about job templates you can consult the Job Template Manager help page.

Can I theme or customise the job application form?

Our default application form will ask job seekers for their email address and a copy of their CV. They may optionally provide their full name, a covering letter, telephone number and availability details.

If you would like to enhance your application form you may add or remove all available application questions to a custom application form using Application Form Manager, found in the My Jobs menu (whilst signed in to your account).

You can also change the colours and upload a logo to fit the application form with your own company branding and set the form as your default form for a chosen industry.

Managing jobs

Can I make amendments to my job posting?

If you would like to make an amendment to your job posting you can do so up to three times via the Actions menu next to your posting in Job Manager.

After three amendments have been made you will be restricted from making amendments to key fields such as the job title and job description.

You are welcome to email us any further amendments you'd like to make if you have reached your limit.

Can I promote a job I have already posted?

If you did not promote your job at the time of posting, you can also promote it once it is live via the Actions menu next to your posting in Job Manager.

Please note, however, that it is not possible to send your job to our partner network once it has been posted.

How do I extend or re-post my job postings?

If you would like to extend your live job for additional seven day periods, or if you would like to re-post an expired job you can do so via the Actions menu next to the job you would like to extend or re-post in Job Manager.

You can extend your posting by up to 4 weeks at a time.

How do I view job applications online?

Using Job Manager you can view, download or re-send any application you have received via ComputerWork in the last three weeks.

Applications may be viewable after this time, but the CV and any covering letter will no longer be available to download.

CV database

What is the CV database?

A service allowing recruiters to search through thousands of local, national and global CVs uploaded to the ComputerWork candidate database.

Can I receive CV alerts by email?

Yes - once you have carefully chosen your search criteria you can save your CV searches and choose to receive email notifications instantly or daily.

If you select instant alerts you can opt to attach the CV to each email alert you receive (each will count as a download against your CV product).

How can I improve the relevance of my search results?

If you would like to improve the relevance of your search results you may want to consider taking advantage of Boolean search techniques within the Keywords and Location fields. Boolean allows you to fine-tune your results in more detail. You can learn more about these search techniques on the Boolean help page.

Can I view my downloaded CVs again?

Downloaded CVs can be viewed within the CV Tags panel of the CV Search tool.

Why are some candidates showing as 'Request Access'?

When a job seeker uploads their CV to ComputerWork they can opt to have their personal details hidden until they have approved a request to access them.

To reveal the contact details of the job seeker you will need to send a request to view them. We will then send the job seeker an email with the request along with your company name.

If the job seeker accepts the request you will receive an email alerting you that you can now download the CV and view the contact details.

What is the CV Basket?

The CV Basket works much like a shopping basket on an online shopping website, you can add candidates to your CV basket and then review candidates later and download or email the contents with just one click.

How do I tag and categorise candidates?

When browsing search results and CVs you can add a tag to categorise or group CVs together, for example you can add the tag 'Developer' to all related CVs to quickly identify a group of Developers.

When you download a CV we will automatically tag the CV with the current month and year to allow you to easily browse your previously downloaded CVs.